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PRO-FOUND Testimonials

Steve Kodad

“As someone who has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years, meeting Stephanie Miller was an eye-opener for me. Her ideas for creating an authority position are very powerful and unique. I have been involved with marketing, 1st as a real estate company owner and then in my two Feng Shui businesses, for many years, but she has a real talent at seeing opportunity. Stephanie is very helpful and quick to respond. Her marketing campaign for me was amazing and quite successful. I highly recommend Stephanie Miller for boosting your image and career!” 

Rich Thurman

“Effective marketing is one of the key pillars that determines the success or failure of most small businesses. I am very excited to work with Stephanie Miller and the Stand Out Authority team to provide this much needed service to our members that see the need and value they bring to the table.”


Clint Evans

Co-founder, Stand Out Authority

“Stephanie is sharp and has integrity. She fits right in with Stand Out Authority’s culture. She loves to work with businesses that are involved in their local community. I love what she stands for and look forward to growing with her both personally and professionally.”

Andrea Dawson

International Blues Singer

“Wow... wow... wow! I am sitting here with tears welling up, you told my story, thank you Stephanie Miller.  You are awesome... I am so choked up, I can't even think of enough words... All I can say is THANK YOU and I'm so glad I chose you for this project!"


Tom Force


“Stephanie is a pleasure to have on our creative marketing team. Her design work and marketing initiatives have resulted in a great deal of positive publicity for our company and wonderful feedback from our advertising partners. She is an incredible self-starter and always exceeds our expectations time and again. We would highly recommend Stephanie and PRO- FOUND for any creative and promotional project!”

The White Cherries

Indietronic Rock Band, L.A.

"We love it!" We are a music band about to release our new EP and single, we needed someone with experience to write a music/bio. It needed to be strong, fun, unique, fresh, young that will catch attention. Photo credit: Rafael Leyvad

Carol Sacino

Amazon Best-selling Author

"Have you ever experienced a “turning point moment” that you had no idea would be so impactful? Recently upon the launching of my book I found Stephanie Miller at the right time and for the right reason. I had many starts and stops along the way to getting my book and its message picked up in the media along with every author’s dream to make the “Best Seller” list. Stephanie’s genuine and professional approach, confidence and commitment to do her very best to meet my goals did just that for me…and the gifts keep on coming. If you are looking for a way to step out of the box, stretch beyond “your” comfort zone, collaborate with someone who can help. I recommend Stephanie Miller be your go-to person to help you achieve recognition as the authority in your field of expertise."

William Drake


"Stephanie will transform your marketing model. She gets results!!!! I had no clue about marketing myself until she found me. A week later I am getting photography jobs in my fields of expertise."

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