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What do people see and say about your business online?

3-STEP PROCESS: Manage, Build & Market 
Your 5-Star Online Reputation

What's Your Reputation Score? Find Out INSTANTLY...

Find Out What Your Customers Are Saying

About You Online

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Search Top Business Directories To Find Errors & Optimization Issues

Discover How Visible Your Business Is Online To Potential Customers


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Enter Your Business Information and Discover... 

  1. Latest Trends on What Customers are Saying About Your Business

  2. Possible Online Issues Keeping You From Getting More Customers

  3. Negative Reviews Posted About Your Business

We Explain Step-By-Step

What To Do ….


After you enter your company information, our proprietary software creates a detailed report that shows you how to fix and correct any issues about your online business reputation.

We give you a SELF GUIDED STRATEGY and explain exactly what you need to do to help correct any existing issues.


STEP 1 - MANAGE Reputation  

Set Up & Monitor Business Listings

Send Instant Review Alerts

Respond to All

Online Reviews

Monthly Reputation



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Do You Know Everything Being Said About Your Business?

  1. Add Your Business to the Top 20 Online Directories 

  2. Get Set Up to Receive Instant Alerts When Anyone Posts a Review

  3. Respond to ALL Reviews

Receive Monthly Reputation Reports to Share With Your Staff

  1. See Where Your Reviews Are Coming From

  2. Use a System to Make it Easy for Customers to Leave a Review

  3. Get Reviews on More Than Just the Popular Directories

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STEP 2 - The Sign-in Strategy 

The Sign-in Strategy works to increase your business by asking your clients one simple question:


“Will you sign in please?”


Using a “sign-in” form, your client, customer, prospect or guest simply fills in three fields when they arrive at your business. Alternatively, you can ask them to "sign out" after their visit. It's customized for your needs.


The Sign-in Strategy builds your business reputation automatically. You receive guaranteed feedback and 5-Star Reviews. You will see results within 48 hours without any additional effort on your part.


When clients sign in, you get an instant notification by email. A few hours later (or at a time you set), your client receives a text message asking for feedback about their experience. When they click the link, they are taken to a page that asks, “Would you recommend us - Yes or No?”


If they say “No,” they are taken to a private negative feedback page that is customized with three very important questions:


1.  What went wrong?

2.  Who was involved?

3.  How can we make it right?


Those powerful questions can turn a negative situation into a positive experience. You get the chance to make things right and turn it around before negative feedback ever gets posted online.

By having clients sign in and automatically follow up with them, you get instant feedback. More importantly, when they say, "Yes, I would recommend you," they get a chance to send their positive review to popular online directories that YOU designate.


Clients are literally just two steps away on their mobile phone from leaving you a positive review.


In a test of over 2,563 people that signed in, 1,292 clicked to give feedback, that’s close to 50%. The secret is asking them to leave feedback within 2 – 3 hours of their experience at your business.


We send a short campaign of messages over days, not just one time. We found that 710 out of the 1,292 (almost 54%) clicked on the first text we sent. The text sent on the second day showed 26% clicked on the link to leave feedback. On the third day, 19% left feedback.

Keep reading for Step 3, Marketing Your Reputation.


9 Reasons to Use
the Sign-in Strategy
  • No More Clipboards or Paper  Forms

  • No More Collecting Business Cards

  • Sign Out Form - After Service

  • On Site Service Sign In 

  • Employee Accountability Strategy

  • VIP Sign Up Form

  • Registration Page at Tradeshows

  • List Building Strategy

  • Enter To Win Contest Page

If you want to build your reputation

and increase  business, simply ask

your clients one simple question:


“Will you sign in please?”


Just by using those 5 powerful words, you will: build a list, get feedback

from your clients, and build a great relationship with them. They’ll know

you care because you followed up. More importantly, you’ll get

reviews online to build your reputation and separate yourself from the competition.

STEP 3 - MARKET Reputation  

5 yellow stars

Turn Your 5-Star Reviews

Into a Marketing Campaign

  1. Implement a Review    Badge Strategy 

  2. Create a Review Commercial

  3. Use Reviews as Social Media Cover Art

  4. Post Review Story Pics

review badge example

5-Star Review

Badge Strategy

5-Star Review Video

5-Star Review Video/Commercial

5-Star Review Social Cover


Social Covers

Banner Ad

Digital/Banner Ad


3-STEP PROCESS: Manage, Build & Market 
Your 5-Star Online Reputation

Request Your Reputation Score for an Instant Strategy!

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